Return and Refund Policy

Goods Once Sold Will Not Be Returned/Exchanged

  1. This transaction is entered on a business to business basis. You are purchasing the products for commercial use including but not limited to further selling, rent etc but not for personal use.
  2. All the price lists/discounts are for exclusive use of party to the contract and are not to be disclosed to any other person/party/firm/public etc.
  3. Goods will not be kept on hold till the time payment is realized. No request for keeping the item on hold will be entertained.
  4. Availability of goods is subject to change even after being confirmed.
  5. Dispatch time confirmed is an approximation and may change due to unforseen circumstances or delays in manufacture.
  6. Delivery time is dispatch time plus courier transit time. 
  7. The goods once sold will not be returned/exchanged under any circumstance.
  8. If it is claimed that there is any defect, liability of proving that will remain upon the buyer. The evidence sent will be compared with original records made at the time of dispatch and there should be no change/modification/increase in the said defect.The same piece will be replaced/repaired and sent back.

The cost of courier charges both ways will be borne by purchaser.

  1. If we are unable to fulfill the order post receipt of payment, your amount will be refunded. No other compensation will be provided.
  2. Requests for order cancelation will not be entertained under any circumstance.
  3. Transaction fees ranging from 5 to 10% are non refundable in all cases.
  4. The following charges may be applied over and above the rates quoted:
  • GST or any tax levied by the government
  • Transportation charges
  • Transaction fees 
  1. The goods are sold on FOB basis. Liability of custom clearance will lie on the consignee. Freight charges, customs and insurance will have to be borne by consignee.
  2. The buyer/consignee agrees to provide all information required by the seller to fulfill legal obligations and disclosure requirements.
  3. For goods being exported out of India, the buyer agrees that he/she will co-operate with the seller in fulfilling all obligations as per FEMA laws and EXIM policy. All necessary information requested from the consignee/buyer will be provided forthwith to the seller within reasonable time even after completion of the transaction and delivery of goods.
  4. In case the buyer requests the seller to handover goods to an agent, he/she agrees to provide an Authority letter for the same if requested by the seller and all responsibility/liability of the seller will end upon handing over the goods to the said agent.
  5. In case it comes to the notice of the seller that the buyer has purchased the goods for personal use, the same will be treated as a case of fraud and the order will be cancelled with a penalty of 10% being deducted from order amount.
  6. The product will not be sold below its retail price under any circumstance.
  7. There will be color variation from displayed video/photo due to camera screens, lighting and differences in lot manufacturing.
  8. There may be variation in design to some extent due to unavoidable differences which crop up from one lot manufactured to the other.
  9. No guarantee for colour or workmanship as these are fancy items.
  10. The buyer understands that their information may be used by the seller for their promotion activities and may be displayed on website/channel/social media etc.
  11. Continued associated is not deemed compulsory by this contract and either party may terminate the same, by giving intimation to the other party. However, all the liabilities entered by either party during the term of the contract will continue till their proper completion. However, the clause for non-disclosure of information and misuse of media/video/photo provided before termination will hold valid even post termination of contract.